In this fast-paced world, nearly all conventional ways of doing things are being discarded. Embroidery and sewing is no exception. While highly valued, it’s no secret that hand embroidery is tedious and time-consuming. The same goes for stitching, which is why machines speed up the process, making it more convenient.

If your goal is to stitch quickly while throwing a bit of embroidery in the mix, then the Brother 2340CV (Amazon) machine was designed with you in mind. Read on to discover the ins and outs of what this Brother serger machine has to offer.

Brother 2340CV Review


This is not your average, regular sewing machine. This serger sewing machine has a compact look and a classic white body. You’ll also notice blue and black prints for labels, coupled with four color-coded marked lines and threading lines that usher in easier threading, guaranteeing an incredible outcome.


The Brother 2340CV comes with built-in accessory storage that curbs users from losing any of their accessories. Additionally, you can adjust the presser foot pressure for improved control. The unit also includes specialty feet. You’ll be pleased to learn that the machine has a built-in bulb to properly illuminate the workspace and a dial stitch selector.

The Brother 2340CV not only has a voltage of 110 but can also soar to speeds of up to 1100 stitches per minute. Additionally, it has 2 needles along with a differential feed ranging from 0.7mm to 2mm. Brother 2340CV weighs 14lbs and can seamlessly function with 4 threads simultaneously.

Brother 2340CV Review: The Key Features

Let’s explore the amazing features of this cover-stitch machine.

Easy Lay-in Threading

Although experts can utilize this feature, it aids novices the most. Simple lay-in threading makes sewing serger thread a breeze while minimizing complications.

brother 2340cv 3/4 thread serger

Color-coded Labels and Guides

These usher in straightforward threading, allowing the concurrent use of up to four colors. Given that most beginners get confused about the thread that requires replacement at a certain position, this feature paves the way for accurate, prompt, and clean results on your sewing projects.


As an acronym for stitches per minute, Brother 2340CV is an advanced serger, with the uncanny ability to work at a maximum speed of 1100 SPM, topping even newer sewing machines on the market that only soar to 800 SPM. Working at a faster speed significantly elevates efficiency as you can get more work done in a shorter timeframe.

Dial Adjustment

It allows the variations in adjustable stitch length, ranging from 2mm to 4mm. The dial is positioned at a convenient spot to aid in effortless length adjustment. Furthermore, the dial adjustment offers tons of stitch options, making the machine impressively versatile.

Presser Foot Pressure

The option of altering the foot pressure curbs sloppy and uneven seam issues with a nice overlock stitch or tri cover stitch. Furthermore, it allows smooth placement of fabric without wrinkles to acquire neat stitching, with no more skipped stitches. Adjusting the fabric during stitching curbs the fabric from gathering together, making it a breeze to follow curves where need be. Brother 2340CV is pre-set to the ideal pressure for regular stitching. Adjustments must be made as per the heavy or light work that’s being done.

Slide Lever

It’s one of the adjustable levers of the machine that make stitching easier and more accurate. Slide lever adjustment makes altering the rear and front feed dogs a walk in the park.

Differential Feed

brother 2340cv color coded thread guide

As one of the most crucial features of the Brother 2340CV, differential feed makes the unit compatible with different fabrics and materials. No worries about using a thicker fabric than usual when trying new things! Adjusting this feature prevents creases and wrinkles caused in fabrics as a result of different thicknesses.

Snap-on Presser Foot

As an added accessory, it makes decorative stitches easier and faster.

Needle Options

The unit comes with a myriad of needle options that permit the completion of a multitude of projects. Moreover, it features a boatload of cover stitches such as chain-stitch and strapping finishes.

Thread Cutter

Brother 2340CV comes with a single-hand thread cutter for effortless thread snipping, leaving your other hand free to multitask.


The machine has a built-in bulb that illuminates your workspace, making working in a darker room more convenient. The bulb enables weak-sighted people to adjust threads, acquire accuracy, and make clear markings.


This Brother sewing machine comes with the following accessories:

  • Four thread nets
  • Tweezers
  • Gathering foot
  • Four spool mats
  • Blind stitch foot
  • User manual
  • Soft-cover
  • Four spool caps
  • Accessory bag with a set of needles
  • Hexagonal wrench
  • Cleaning brush

Brother 2340CV Review: Pros


The unit’s ability to deliver neat Brother cover stitch finishes and looks makes it professional. Furthermore, the ability to work with various fabrics and color guides add to the professionalism of the Brother 2340CV.

Easy To Use

The user-friendliness of this overlock machine makes it a great fit for connoisseurs and novices alike. A user manual, color guides, clear labels and more, make it a breeze to grasp how the Brother 2340CV functions, leaving little to no room for confusion.


brother 2340cv sewing machine embroidery styles

The unit is compatible with a vast assortment of materials and fabrics, which means, it can comfortably handle different fabric weights and thicknesses. Furthermore, attaching lace, tape, or elastic, is a piece of cake. Similarly, it works like a charm in creating cuffs and hems as it easily follows circular patterns. Unlike its rivals, the Brother 2340CV doesn’t cut while stitching which would otherwise make the creation of circular designs a tedious task.


Despite the boatload of features it has, the Brother 2340CV is pleasantly lightweight. Additionally, its compact design ensures it doesn’t occupy too much space.

Silent Operation

The unit remains quiet during operation, making it easier to use without disturbing the members of your household. You can also listen to music as you work, to spice things up.

Brother 2340CV Review: Cons


Users must manually regulate the tension of the thread which can be taxing. It entails separately adjusting the thread’s tension by pressing four buttons which can be immensely confusing before you get the hang of it.

More Costly

The unit is pricier than other stitching machines in comparison to the available features.

Fixed Voltage

Although the Brother 2340CV has a voltage of 120AC, bear in mind that some countries lack compatible sockets. Moreover, using the machine with an adapter isn’t advisable as it may cause a short circuit.

Brother 2340CV: The Verdict

Purchasing this coverstitch sewing machine can be your saving grace if you’re constantly altering your design patterns. If you’re on the quest for high-end finishes at the top of your fabric and prefer it being firmly looped then the Brother 2340CV is undoubtedly your best bet. You can complete projects to perfection in a fraction of the time it would take with other sewing machines, so get yours today!