Brother has made a sewing machine that makes clothing the level of quality as if designed by a fashion designer. It is the Brother CS5055PRW. The machine is a computerized versatile sewing machine loaded with features that set it apart from a traditional sewing machine. It was made with professionals and fashion designers in mind. 

The machine provides flawless stitch quality. It comes with many built-in stitches. The machine is a computerized model that is user-friendly.

While it was created with the experienced sewer in mind, it is easy to use. Beginners can also use it. The versatile sewing machine has a large table. It is ideal for big projects. The machine is also portable and lightweight. 

Brother CS5055PRW – Overview

  • 50 Unique stitches
  • Drop-in bobbin and automatic needle threader
  • Accessories that include instruction manual, twin needle, three-piece needle set, and seven sewing feet
  • LCD screen and button selection
  • Free Brother At Your Side technical support
  • Free-motion sewing
  • Free arm attachment included

Key Features

The LCD screen of this sewing machine was created with a simple stitch selector. A user can easily pick the desired stitch pattern from the options. The desired stitch pattern is presented on the screen.

Your workspace has a super bright LED light that allows all details of a task to be seen. It is perfect for dark fabric sewing. Sew day or night without straining your eyes or making a mistake due to low lighting. The wide table that comes with the CS5055PRW provides additional space. It is ideal for sewing more extensive projects, such as formal wear.

The exclusive top-load, quick-set, drop-in bobbin assures it stays intact. It assists in the accomplishment of even stitching and reliability. The model allows the bobbin to wind faster.

To get the bobbin to work, press it to the right. Lock and load the top bobbin like a professional. Place the bobbin in the opening, pull out the thread, and you are ready to go. The quick set-up bobbin makes anyone feel like an expert.

The needle plate has markings on it that allow users to stitch straight lines. They also allow the user to keep the fabric at a proper distance from the needle.

The feed system of the machine is exceptional. It helps to move material smoothly for patterns that are precisely formed. The drop-down feed system allows users to handle the free-motion quilting with ease.

Printed on the front of the sewing machine is a convenient chart that allows the user to see all the built-in stitch patterns. It is fantastic for professionals and beginners. There are 50 built-in stitches and 87 stitch functions.

The user gets a wide choice of projects to make. They are printed below the display. You know precisely what you are choosing. Pick a stitch using the LCD screen, adjust the length and width, and determine the pressure foot needed with the current settings.

The computerized sewing machine delivers many possibilities to use to add a personal touch to a sewing project. There are seven buttonholes, zipper stitch, feather stitch, and twin needles that enable parallel lines.

It takes no effort to thread the needle. The automatic needle threader is among the favorite feature of users. There is a spool pin that provides consistent feeding, even when using specialty threads.

The machine handles all kinds of fabric including, leather, denim, knit, vinyl, and stretch. The free arm helps with projects such as sewing sleeves and cuffs. It is a luxury often found only on more expensive models. The free arm helps reach hard-to-read places. It opens up new sewing project opportunities.

Seven presser feet are included in the package. They are buttonhole, button fitting, overcasting, monogramming, zipper, blind stitch, and zigzag feet. Also included are an operation manual, foot controller pedal, cleaning brush, screwdriver, spool caps, extra spool pin, seam ripper, twin needle, bobbins, and a needle set. The operation manual is bilingual. It is well-written and clear. Intermediate users and beginners find it helpful.

It is capable of sewing as fast as 850 stitches per minute. Due to the low speed, beginners can also use it. The machine operates quietly. Sewers who are most creative at night are delighted not to disturb others in the household.

The machine weighs 14 pounds. It is easy to carry in its case. Like all Brother sewing machines, the CS5055PRW has a 25-year limited warranty. Brother stands behind the products they offer and have excellent customer support.

Pros and Cons


When considering a light and portable sewing machine, there is concern about its performance with dense fabrics. Users are impressed and surprised by how well this machine performs. It is due to the seven-piece feed dog.

Typically, lighter machines are not as stable as their heavier counterparts—sloppier stitches and a finish that is less than clean result. The CS5055PRW does not have that problem. It stays in place and provides a professional finish. There is no worry about ruining projects or patterns due to shaking or jumping.

Versatile spool pins make checking tension and feeding less conventional threads, like metallic ones, easier. It is an extra that helps users become creative. The excellent feeding system is a bonus. It keeps lighter fabrics from bunching and heavy or unusual fabrics under control. Those who treat the machine with respect find polyester and denim are no problem.

The Brother company has a ‘quick set-up and go’ mentality. There are no fumbling stages. The user gets right to sewing in minutes. With the easily understood manual, beginners sew on the first day they get their machine. The 25-year warranty gives a hint of how long the machine should last. Users see it in the machine’s durability.


The workspace is well-lit. However, the LED screen is not. Working late at night requires a room with excellent light, or users will have difficulty seeing the screen. The storage compartment is adequate for the accessories included with the machine. If you plan to branch out, you need to think about where to store new toys.

The machine works only on 120V AC. That is not a problem in the U.S., but it will be a problem for those who live or plan to live overseas. Voltage in Africa, Asia, and Europe is generally higher than in the U.S. Brother recommends against using an adapter. 

The machine does not have an automatic thread tension. Take time to practice with fabric scraps. Look carefully at your results and follow directions for making adjustments.

The needle threader also takes a bit of practice. Keep the needle in the upper position, or the hook does not align with the needle’s eye. The self-threader tends to hit other machine parts. The thread holder is made of plastic. It will bend or break-off if the user is not gentle with it. 

User Feedback

For those who complained about the needle ending in the lower position, a user found how to reset it in the instruction manual, claiming it is simple to do. While threading the machine for the bobbin and sewing is not as simple as older Brother models, it is easy to learn.

Though advertised as catering to professionals and clothing designers, it is ideal for beginners and those who love to sew. One user said the machine kicks butt and takes names. That speaks to its durability. The way the machine sews, the accessories included, and the instruction manual are typically praised by those who bought the machine. 

Users like the feature that pulls the bobbin thread up and does not need to be done each time manually. Lighting is an issue. The screen is not lit, making it hard to read details such as the stitch choices and lengths. The light is overhead and behind the sewing machine.

Some users report problems with the return date expiring quickly and customer service when issues arise. 


Those who use the Brother CS5055PRW find it a well-made sewing machine. It can provide couture elements to a creation, hem denim jeans, and sew thick quilts.

The machine would be an excellent gift for introducing a young person to the enjoyment of sewing or a relative who is a bit older and has difficulty lifting a heavier machine or threading a needle.

Its best features are the drop feed dogs, stitch quality, and handy stitch chart. The biggest complaint is no automatic thread tension. It is a versatile, lightweight machine that is easy to use and reasonably priced. 

The sewing machine lives up to the standards expected from a Brother computerized machine. It has a low learning curve, a versatile range, and is easy to set up. The machine will last throughout the career of a sewer. 

Intermediate and beginners get a lot out of the machine. Its more than reasonable price makes it suitable for these tentative about their sewing ability or budget.

None of the cons of this machine constitute a deal-breaker. If your creativity is looking for a place to land, this machine is worthy of consideration.