The Brother HC 1850 sewing machine is a favorite among sewing enthusiasts because of its versatility. It features more than 100 built-in stitches, numerous buttonhole types, and has alphanumeric stitches. The Brother HC 1850 is a sewing and quilting machine that functions as a monogramming machine also.

A monogramming font is included. With its many functions, the machine is reasonably portable and lightweight. It has a molded carrying handle located on the backside of the machine. You can change rooms or take it with you to a sewing class easily.

The Brother HC 1850 is a computerized machine with beginner-friendly features. They include an automatic drop feed, top drop-in bobbin, a quick set, and automatic needle threading. There are more options for the experienced sewer.

Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine, 185 Built-in Stitches, LCD Display, 8 Included Feet
  • 185 Unique built-in stitches: The HC1850 includes 130 sewing stitches including 8 styles of auto-size buttonholes, plus 55 alphanumeric sewing...
  • Advanced needle threader and drop-in top bobbin: This sewing and quilting machine includes an advanced needle threading function that easily pushes...
  • Included accessories: The HC1850 quilting and sewing machine includes a wide table, 8 feet, instructional DVD, manual and more

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Key Features of the Brother HC150

  • 185 Unique built-in stitches
  • Advanced drop-in bobbin and needle threader
  • Accessories include an eight-foot table, manual, and instructional DVD
  • LCD Screen
  • Free lifetime technical support available by phone or online live chat

There are the start/stop and needle up/down buttons on the top left of the machine. The machine also has a slider that adjusts the speed if not using the foot pedal. It is capable of sewing very fast and very slow.

The maximum speed of the machine is 850 stitches per minute. In the manual are instructions for stopping the machine with the needle in the up or down position.

The buttons and backlit LCD in the middle permit the stitch selection and set the length and width. It recommends which presser foot to use, which is extremely helpful.

A convenient flip chart on the right of the machine shows stitch selection options. There are 130 options from which to choose that provide many choices for sewing and quilting.

Counted among the stitches are eight automatic one-step buttonhole stitch styles. The machine has 170 stitch functions that permit garment construction, heirloom sewing, decorative sewing, and quilting.

Just by pressing a lever, eight presser feet take very little time to switch. There are letters on the feet to help differentiate them. The LCD shows a letter that corresponds to the presser foot selected. The letter faces up when installing it. The eight presser feet include:

  • Blind Stitch Foot for putting in a blind hem
  • Buttonhole Foot that makes automatic buttonholes, guaranteeing they are all the same size
  • Button Sewing Foot that attaches the button
  • Monogramming Foot that is used in conjunction with some decorative stitches and the monogramming font
  • Overcasting Foot that uses overcasting stitches to finish fabric edges and seams instead of using a sergerSpring Action Quilting Foot is used for free-motion quilting.
  • Zigzag Foot is used with most projects. It is the everyday foot used for straight and zigzag stitching.
  • Zipper Foot used to sew on zippers

Pros and Cons of the Brother HC1850


The Brother HC 1850 is affordable and has features that are great for users of any level – beginner to professional. It combines the best features of quilting and sewing to bring a machine that is easy to use and accessible.
Beginners can set up the machine and use it with ease. It also has advanced features expert users appreciate.

There are 130 sewing stitches that include eight auto-size buttonhole styles and 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches.

There is a drop-in top bobbin that is jam resistant. A needle threading function pushes thread easily through the needle by pressing a lever. Included accessories with the HC 1850 sewing and quilting machine are an eight-foot table, instructional DVD, and manual. The detachable table provides a large working area.

With the touch of a button, users select stitches and view the selections on an LCD. For the life of the machine, ‘At Your Side’ support offers free technical advice through live chats by phone or online. This machine is among the most affordable and quickest machines on the market. It is nearly impossible to find a machine that stitches this fast at a similar price.


A more dedicated quilting machine is recommended for those who plan to use the machine solely for quilting. Other models have a ¼-inch piecing foot and walking foot. The HC 1850 does not have those two feet. The machine is not intended for all-day, everyday use.

It does not have some advanced features. It is not of the same quality that other machines possess. If making monogrammed outfits, a machine tailored more for embroidery is recommended. The machine has only basic monogramming. The letter size cannot be adjusted to make them larger. It has one block-style font.

The 130 stitches, eight pressure feet, and eight buttonhole styles fall a bit short of another Brother model having 150 stitches, ten pressure feet, and eight buttonhole styles. The machine does not have an auto thread cutter.

Some users may require more lighting than the LCD provides. An auxiliary sunlight lamp is recommended for those with vision issues. Tilt it at an angle that does not cast shadows. Even with the use of a voltage adaptor, the machine requires a 120V AC power supply.

The machine does not have much storage. It is made of lightweight plastic. The machine has no protective case. The instructional DVD does not show how to attach the walking foot or the free motion quilting foot.

Like any product, some reviews classified the Brother HC 1850 as a ‘lemon.’ Try out the machine within the return period granted by the manufacturer. Keep the receipt and take advantage of the warranty.

User Feedback

Eighty-two percent of consumers who purchased the Brother HC 1850 rated the machine as five-star. Ten percent rated it four-star. The best features mentioned in the reviews were lightweight, easy to learn, easy to use, great for beginners, and durable.

Though it is lightweight, consumers say it feels more ‘solid’ than other brands. It is quick and quiet most of the time. Threading, bobbin winding, and insertion are a breeze. Users like the handy stitch chart on the front of the machine. They report the stitches are tight and neat. It is easy to change the width and length of the stitches.

Bobbin installation is quick and bobbin winding smooth. The users like the up or down needle position option. Being able to sew at a slow speed is excellent for thick corners. It avoids needle breakage.

For the computer savvy, the machine is easy to use for embroidering, quilting, and sewing. Users like the choice of using controls on the machine or the foot pedal. Many consumers feel they get a lot for their money.

People who had complaints about the machine cited issues with the bobbin casing, skipping stitches, and timing problems. When changing or threading the needle, the light is not very bright and is blocked by the hand.

Quilters find the ¼-inch seam guide difficult to see. Sometimes the machine is loud or sounds as though it struggles to get through the fabric. The machine is too light for big quilting projects but fine for potholders and clothes.

The vibration of the machine causes the power cord to fall out of the machine. The owner’s manual states the machine is not to be oiled by the user. That statement led a user to conclude the machine is not meant to last and not to bother with much maintenance effort.

The same users got many happy hours of sewing with the machine and recommended it for beginners or intermediate sewers. Some buyers said the warranty was misleading.


The Brother HC 1850 is ideal for basic monogramming, quilting, and sewing. It features 185 unique stitches that include eight one-step buttonholes and 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches for monogramming.

The sewing machine was designed for ease of use and flexibility. It includes an exceptional sewing feed system for nearly any fabric, a detachable foot controller, an automatic threading system, a push-button stitch selection, eight presser feet, and a built-in stitch reference chart.

The machine has free-motion quilting, spring action quilting foot, and a detachable table that quilters love. It is lightweight and ideal for taking to class. This machine offers the user a lot of versatility. The automated drop feed and automatic needle threading make it beginner-friendly.

In terms of buttonhole options and stitches, it contains enough options to satisfy most users. There is a bit of something missing for those who use a monogramming font regularly. There is only one monogramming font.

There are less expensive machines for those who do basic mending and sewing. More costly models are available that offer more stitches. It is recommended for those who are excited about the options the Brother HC 1850 offers to add it to their sewing room.

The model is not perfect but has excellent options. Some of them are rare in inexpensive, low-end models like this one. It serves beginners best. The machine is easy to operate. Learning to use the bells and whistles makes the process fascinating. Seasoned sewers and quilters may make another choice, especially if they want a computerized machine that connects to the internet.