If you need a superior embroidery machine for a home business or personal use, the Brother SE1900 is worth considering. It is an upgraded version of the SE1800. The machine is an excellent combination of embroidery and sewing machine.

It is a multi-purpose machine packed with exciting and innovative features. The machine is easy to use. It has an embroidery field that is 5 x 7 inches that allow producing large designs. There are 240 built-in sewing stitches, 11 fonts, and ten frame shapes.

Like most Brother sewing machines, it has a built-in USB port for easy access to downloadable upgrades and designs. There are loads of other features described below. One of the most notable is the electronic speed control.

Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine, 138 Designs, 240 Built-in Stitches, Computerized, 5" x...
  • 138 Built-in designs: The SE1900 comes with 138 Built-in designs and 11 embroidery fonts perfect for monogramming
  • Advanced needle threader and drop-in top bobbin: This sewing and quilting combo machine includes an advanced needle threading function that easily...
  • 240 Built-in sewing stitches: The SE1900 features 240 Built-in sewing stitches including 10 styles of auto-size buttonholes

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  • 138 Built-in designs
  • Advanced drop-in top bobbin and advanced needle threader
  • 240 Built-in sewing stitches
  • Large color touchscreen
  • 5 x 7-inch Embroidery field
  • Ten buttonhole styles
  • 11 Monogramming letter fonts
  • Eight quick-change sewing feet
  • Side and horizontal stitching available
  • Automatic needle threading
  • 3 x 1.6-inch LCD color touchscreen

Key Features

The Brother SE1900 is more than an embroidery machine. It does embroidery designs as well as lettering and regular sewing. The machine comes with a 5 x 7-inch hoop. It is compatible with smaller and larger hoops.

Included in the 138 built-in embroidery designs are kids’ designs, seasonal patterns, florals, and much more. There are several options to add to the built-in designs. You can import thousands more from your computer.

Designs can be incorporated from iBroidery. There are software packages you can buy or use a USB flash drive to load additional designs. Any software that saves files in the .dst or .per format can be used. You can edit designs by flipping them for a mirror image or rotating them.

It is a multi-national combination machine. It features seven English fonts, three Japanese fonts, and a Cyrillic font. The manual is printed in English and Spanish. This machine is capable of automatically making ten different sized one-step buttonholes.

There are eight presser feet. They include a blind stitch foot, button fitting foot, buttonhole foot, embroidery foot, monogramming foot, overcasting foot, zigzag foot, and zipper foot. The original size can be made larger or smaller with the machine’s editing capacity.

You can change font sizes. Letter positioning does not have to be a straight line. It can be moved around or formed in an arc. The color of each letter can be changed. Built-in fonts include Block 01, Brussels Demi Outline, Calgary Medium, Greek Block, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Serif 01, and Sicilia Light Italic.

The possibilities are nearly endless. Personalize any project with the 240 built-in decorative stitches. The machine sews at a maximum rate of 850 stitches per minute. For use with tricky designs, the speed can be adjusted and controlled as needed.

A handy stitch reference guide is available. There is no need to dig through the user manual to find the information you need. The My Custom Stitch feature allows users to design custom stitches and save them to the memory that is also built-in. As many as 15 stitch patterns can be stored.

The machine has middle and left positions. Not being able to position to the right is not something that concerns most users but should be noted. The feed dog has seven points, measurements are shown on the needle plate, and a bobbin thread sensor warns when the bobbin is nearly empty.

Adjustable screen brightness on the 3 x 1.6-inch LCD touchscreen makes it easy to see regardless of ambient lighting in a room. Setup includes a quick-set bobbin, needle position key to control whether the needle finishes in the down or up position, and an ‘advanced’ automatic needle threading system.

A start/stop button allows sewing and stopping quickly. It is a handy feature if something goes wrong with the thread or the user does not wish to use the foot pedal. There is also a knee lifter for those who prefer that method of operation. The presser and level of the presser foot are adjustable.

Pros and Cons


The fully computerized machine has lots of unique smart features. They ensure the embroidery experience is smooth and easy-going. It works well. The Brother SE1900 is among the best-selling embroidery machines on today’s market.

It is highly regarded by home embroidery enthusiasts and the industry alike. The SE1900 has many built-in designs. There are 138 embroidery designs and 240 sewing stitches. It also has a USB port for quickly downloading additional designs. Its automatic functions are beginner-friendly. It is a multi-purpose machine that embroiders and sews.

The maximum embroidering speed is 650 stitches per minute. That speed is considered lightning speed for embroidery. Crisp, precise sewing is done at a top speed of 850 stitches per minute. Sewing stitches quickly and maintaining consistency is of importance in creating high-quality and well-detailed projects.

It is a flexible machine that permits control of the speed and brightness. There is a speed adjustment control. The large LED touchscreen provides editing options and an excellent overview. The field area offers space for large embroidery designs.

There is a variety of easy-to-use accessories included. It has a built-in bench and card feeder. The versatile machine is equipped with a ribbon needle threader. This a trusted brand with a 25-year warranty.


While the machine has a USB port, you must purchase a cable or USB thumb drive separately. It is compatible with smaller and larger hoops, but they also have to be purchased separately. A standard 4 x 4-inch hoop does not work with this machine.

A wide table for extra space would be an appreciated feature that the machine does not have. There is no automatic thread cutter to cut the excess thread. The needle is delicate, and the machine is pricey. The steep price is not a deterrent for anyone setting up a sewing business in their home.

It has no carrying case. It is a heavy machine and would be difficult to transport. Built-in options are on both the pro and cons lists. There are more options than a user will probably ever use. Having lots of options removes the limitations of what a user can do.

Beginners are likely to use more as they become more familiar and gain experience with the machine. It is doubtful they will ever use all 240 stitches or the 138 embroidery designs. Having the multi-lingual feature demonstrates Brother’s attempt to appeal to a broad audience, but at some point, it becomes a bit of an overkill.

User Feedback

Some users claim the decision to buy the Singer SE1900 proved to be an excellent partner as they transitioned from beginner to expert and learned the machine’s secrets. It is considered among the best embroidery and sewing combination machines on the market.

The embroidery kits for beginners contain valuable tools for newbies who do not know the way. Sideways sewing, speed control, and the reference stitch guides allowed control and paved the way for users.

The most unique and admired features are the memory card reader and custom stitch function engineered for artists. It is excellent for commercial or home business. Most people feel the price is worth it.

The machine does not feel like a machine for beginners. Initially, it requires help from someone more experienced or watching YouTube videos. It is not an industrial-strength machine. You cannot stitch industrial-grade materials. Users consider this to be a middle-of-the-road embroidery and sewing machine.

It is excellent for most projects unless a specific niche requires a feature the machine does not have. The machine’s average rating is 4.8 stars out of five—eighty-six percent of the reviews were five-star ratings. Only five percent rated the machine below four stars.


The Brother SE1900 should be high on the list of embroidery and sewing machines for those looking for a high-quality machine. The 25-year warrant speaks volumes about Brother’s confidence in the machine’s quality.

It is among the finest Brother feature-packed sewing machines available. The machine is highly versatile. The machine is equipped with four speeds. It has two bobbin brushes, a quilting blade, and a thread trimmer.

This machine is an excellent all-purpose sewing machine that sews, quilts, and embroiders. It is a great machine to learn and exercise creativity due to its incredible versatility. The upper market computerized embroidery SE1900 is fun to use.

On-screen instructions help create standard creations and trendy designs. My Custom Stitch allows designing custom sewing stitches and saving them on the machine for use in the future. Its flexibility enables combining designs, changing colors, and uploading pre-designed patterns.

It is packed with more features than nearly any commercially available sewing machine. Reviewers found those features to be both a positive and a negative aspect of the machine. The wildly creative user relishes in the nearly endless possibilities. Others feel there are more options than they will ever use.

For the most part, the machine receives a high rating from those who provide a machine review.