The combination Brother SE600 enhances all projects from mending and making garments to quilting, embroidery, or craft and heirloom sewing. It is an upgrade from the Brother SE400. Improvements include a larger LCD touchscreen with a color display that adds reality to work being done.

The machine has USB stick connectivity that makes access to fresh designs straightforward. More lettering fonts and embroidery designs widen the extent of a project experience. The number of stitches has been increased.

Videos on the Brother website and YouTube keep the machine from being too difficult for first-time users. They cover everything from coming up to the speed phase. The manual also has simple directions that include detailed diagrams.

Brother SE600 at a Glance

  • 80 Built-in designs
  • Automatic needle threader and drop-in top bobbin
  • 103 Built-in sewing stitches
  • Large color touchscreen
  • 4 X 4-inch Embroidery field
  • Ideal for experienced and beginner sewers
  • A two-in-one machine for sewing and embroidery

Key Features of the SE600

The computerized machine is two machines in one –an embroidery machine and a sewing machine. Users can demonstrate their embroidery skills or handle all their sewing jobs. There are 103 built-in stitches used to adorn craft projects with a variety of stitch patterns.

It is a standout feature of the Brother SE600 sewing machine. Many single-purpose machines do not have the 103 built-in stitches. Internal memory allows the storage of 80 built-in embroidery designs. Among the best features of the Brother SE600 is the USB port that allows transferring embroidery designs downloaded from the web or other sources.

Embroidery designs users find and like on the internet can be downloaded through the USB port. Users are not limited to the 80 embroidery designs the machine offers. Being easy to use is a top priority for using a sewing or embroidery machine.

The setup and usage of the SE600 are pretty simple. Whether the user is a fashion designer, needs a machine for home use, or is into embroidery, the two-in-one machine handles embroidery and sewing work correctly.

The work area is brightly illuminated with LED lights. No matter the time of day or the lighting conditions, nothing hinders a project. LED lighting is beneficial when working on free-motion sewing quilts or handling dark colored fabrics.

A jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin differs from side-loaded bobbins. A drop-in bobbin is easier to use and more convenient. The independent bobbin winder and quick set bobbin make winding and setting the bobbin easier than ever.

Those who find threading a needle manually difficult are granted a solution to the problem. The automatic needle threader does the task for them. There is a large 3.2-inch touchscreen that helps navigate the functions of the machine.

With the touchscreen display, users can modify the fonts, kinds of stitches, and other variables. The display changes when the user switches back and between sewing and embroidery. It shows the design in color.

There is a built-in color palette to change the colors of embroidery thread. Previewing on the screen saves time and wasted material. A thread cutter button cuts the thread. The user has the option of using the foot pedal or the start/stop button. Another button lets the user choose a down or up needle position.

Pros and Cons


A two-in-one machine saves space and the need for a second machine. With the color LCD touchscreen, sewers see what they are getting before they start, even when they change the design’s color. The computer guides every move with error messages and instructions. Project outcomes are enhanced by the many stitches the machine provides.

Time and eyesight are saved with the automatic needle threader. The many embroidery patterns that are standard on the SE600 mean users do not have to postpone work while looking for a design. Other designs are available through the USB port. Users can embroider or sew anything they choose.

Automatic thread cutting and automatic reinforcing stitches occur without thinking about them. Using a foot pedal is optional with the start/stop button. A quick press of another button lowers or raises the needle. Speed is controlled with a sliding controller.

The machine is ideal for both experienced and beginner sewers. It is easy to store and transport. The machine handles light and heavy fabrics. A brightly lit work surface improves the ability to see when working in a room that lacks sufficient artificial or natural light.

The instruction manual has all the information needed to set up and learn how to use the computerized machine. Rather than side-loaded bobbins found on most machines, the Brother SE600 has a top drop-in bobbin that aids in jam prevention when using the machine. The machine has a 25-year limited warranty.


While the machine is relatively easy to use for the computer literate individual, non-technical users may find it difficult to set up and learn to use. The Brother SE600 does not come with a hard carrying case. Creating embroidery that is more than 4 x 4 inches in size is a bit of a hassle. An area of 5 x 7 inches would be handy for bags, t-shirts, and items that have a large design.

This machine is pricier than some other Brother sewing machines. It may not suit some sewers’ budget. Regular users who want to do a lot of sewing at one time have to charge the machine often. There have been cases where system error messages occur soon after using the machine.

It hampers the ease of use. The error messages are not the norm. Lighting and noise are personal tolerances. Some users feel the need for a desk lamp. The noise level increases with speed. It is manageable.

The machine is fast, but users may need to slow down when sewing thick fabrics to avoid breaking the needle. The feed dogs are average for a machine to be used for home projects—they as not as good as a straight stitch machine. The walking foot is helpful. Some complaints have been made about the tension being a bit flimsy. It is likely a problem due to manufacturer defects.

User Feedback

Many embroidery enthusiasts like both the embroidery patterns included with the machine and being able to upload designs from the internet. People who are new to sewing and old hands at it give the Brother SE600 positive reviews.

Out of more than 2000 reviews, 94 percent were rated four or five-star. The majority were five-star. It has a 4.7-star average rating. The machine embroiders nicely and is easy to use. Its color screen feature is fantastic.

Other features users like are the automatic needle threader and a helpful, easy to understand instruction manual. People who used separate machines for straight stitching, another for embroidery, and a third for serging were pleasantly surprised that the Brother SE600 is a two-in-one machine.

Users are happy with the number of accessories included but feel an invisible zipper foot, binding foot, or rolled hem foot would be an excellent addition. As stated above, some users receive an error message after a few test stitches.

A frequent complaint is the size of the embroidery field. The 4 x 4-inch field is not meant for large designs. A fact that is omitted in the instructions is the need to touch the LED screen to start the machine. When compared to other Brother machines, the SE600 feels smoother and is much quieter. Most users appreciate the amount of light provided for the sewing surface.


The Brother SE600 performs both functions of sewing and embroidery. Plenty of superb features are fused into the machine. It is equipped with a complete set of accessories that make using the machine simple.

The SE600 is the ideal sewing machine for those looking for basic sewing needs and home users. It fulfills all the requirements with the functions and features they are looking for in a sewing machine. The machine has 80 embroidery designs and more than 100 built-in stitches that are immediately usable.

For the creative mind, there is a USB port that makes the user-interface more convenient. You can upload patterns from the internet. The price of the machine is reasonable. Brother is among the most trusted sewing machine brands.

There are few downsides to using this machine. Many of the features enhance the user experience. There are advanced features that make the machine a top choice. Creativity is brought to life with the 3.2-inch Sew Smart touchscreen display that provides a color preview of a design and permits editing before stitching.

Users can change thread color, arrange lettering in an arc, use a finger’s touch to move designs on the screen display, and much more. Creative free-motion sewing is accomplished with needle up/down, drop feed, and variable speed controls.

A 6.4 x 4.1-inch needle-to-arm space provides room for bulky projects and folding quilts. Seven quick-change sewing feet include button sewing, blind stitch, zipper, monogramming, overcasting, buttonhole, and spring action zigzag feet. It has a compact body that is easy to carry and does not take up much space.