The Brother XR9550PRW Computerized Sewing Machine is a good investment for both the novice who’s just learning the craft and the knowledgeable sewing enthusiast who may have been sewing for decades.

It’s a budget-minded machine that packs a lot of features in an economical package. As technology expands, we expect more from our machines. Brother has added advanced features that make sewing more enjoyable and less frustrating.

From simple mending chores to decorative textile art, this machine has a wide range of capabilities that will keep even a skilled sewist interested.

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine, Project Runway, 165 Built-in Stitches, LCD Display,...
  • 165 Unique built-in stitches: The Brother XR9550PRW Project Runway machine includes 110 built-in utility, decorative and heirloom stitches including 8...
  • Automatic needle threader and drop-in top bobbin: The Brother F.A.S.T. needle threading system takes care of threading the needle for you and a...
  • Included accessories: Included with the XR9550PRW quilting and sewing machine is a protective hard cover, wide table, 8 sewing feet, instructional DVD...

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Key Features of the Brother XR9550PRW

  • 110 stitches include decorative, alphanumeric, utility stitches and eight different auto-size buttonhole stitches
  • Backlit LCD display for easy viewing in low light
  • LED work area lighting
  • Easy needle threading system
  • Quick-Set top drop-in bobbin
  • Eight quick-change presser feet
  • Hard case
  • 17-1/8″ (W) X 10-7/8″ (D) detachable extension table
  • Dimensions: 12.48″ (W) x 16.26″ (D) x 7.01″ (H)
  • Weight: 10.14 pounds
  • Maximum speed: 850 stitches per minute
  • Sews thicknesses: 6mm
  • Included feet: zigzag foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, overcasting foot, blind stitch foot, monogramming foot, and quilting foot

Pros and Cons of the Brother XR9550PRW


The Brother XR9550PRW sewing machine features a speed control button, so you can sew without using the foot pedal. It also acts as a maximum speed regulator that allows for consistent speed, allowing you to focus on the needle and seam while maintaining a constant speed.

The needle up & down positioning button is a nice feature, and the feed dogs can be lowered with one flip of a switch.

Needle position, stitch length, width and stitch selection is easy to change with the push of a button or sliding a switch, and all stitch choices are printed right on the machine, so you don’t waste time hunting for your next stitch.

The backlit screen displays the recommended stitch length and width based on your selection, as well as the letter of the presser foot to be used for each stitch.

The manual and accompanying DVD are very useful for novice sewers who need extensive help and handy for veterans who just need occasional brushing up on seldom-used techniques.


The LED lighting is inadequate to illuminate the sewing bed.

The semi-automatic threading system works okay, but it takes some time to become accustomed to the device and its idiosyncrasies.

The throat size of the machine is 5.75″ (W) x 3.9″ (T). This size makes maneuvering large items like quilts or oversize projects problematic.

The hard case does not attach to the machine, so it can’t be used to carry it. The shell merely covers the machine as it sits on a table.

There is no storage for the extension table when it’s not in use.

User Feedback

The number one complaint of this machine is that the self-threading mechanism is either hard to use, only works occasionally or doesn’t work at all.

Other users find that the fabric does not move smoothly under the presser foot. The feed dogs were most often cited as the cause of this problem. Some stated that they were unable to stitch a straight line, while others said that the feed dogs chewed up their fabric, causing the machine to jam.

That being said, there are folks on both sides of the fence about the thickness or density of fabric that would successfully stitch with the machine. Some people find their machines can handle multiple thicknesses of canvas or duck while others complained it broke needles or skipped stitches.

Novice users appreciate the manual, with its copious illustrations that explain how and why things work – or not.

The no-pedal sewing option with its self-limiting speed control is a valued feature.

The vast majority of owners are pleased with their Brother XR9550PRW sewing machine. They find the machine generally easy to use and that it creates consistently good stitches with few problems.


The Brother XR9550PRW Computerized Sewing Machine has loads of features for even an experienced sewist, but it’s user-friendly for those just starting out on their creative journey. Its computerized features, including stitch width, length and style, as well as advanced features like pedal-free sewing make it easy to use.

Its petite size makes it perfect for those with limited space. Students in cramped dorm rooms or travelers who carry their crafting with them appreciate the size as well the machine’s light weight.

For sewers who make relatively small projects, this machine will certainly be sufficient. However, the Brother XR9550PRW won’t easily handle large pieces or projects made with many heavy layers of cloth. Size and weight are both a blessing and a curse, depending on what type of projects you normally sew.

You don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot with the Brother XR9550PRW Computerized Sewing Machine. Whether you’re a newbie just learning to sew, an old hand who wants a lightweight machine for travel or someone who wants a lot of bang for the buck, this Brother sewing machine has a lot going for it.