A good throw pillow can really jazz up a room, and a throw pillow with tassels in particular can bring a flair of sophistication. Here’s how to make your own decorative pillows with tassels to reinvigorate any room.

You can use any fabric you want, but I find that home furnishing fabrics like suede, velvet, canvas or brocade work best. I often make these pillows as gifts and print my own custom fabric with personal photos; I’ll be using velvet here that’s printed with my friend’s cute kitties.

You’ll need 2 squares of fabric, 4 tassels, and a 10-ounce bag of Fiber Fill stuffing. Your fabric squares should be 2 inches longer on each side than you want the final dimensions of your pillow. For example, I want to make a 16-inch square pillow, so I’m starting with 2 18-inch squares of fabric.

Pin your front square to your back square with right sides together. Stitch around the perimeter of your pillow, leaving a ½ inch gap on three corners and a 5-inch gap on the fourth corner.

Turn your pillow right-side-out by pushing your fabric through the 5-inch gap. Be careful here so you don’t rip any of your stitches in the process.

Next, stuff your pillow full of Fiber Fill using that same 5-inch gap. Once your pillow is stuffed, pin your 5-inch gap closed to keep the stuffing inside.

Slide the loop of one tassel inside the pillow at the corner and pin it in place.

Hand-stitch the tassel in place, then sew the whole 5-inch gap closed. I like to do this part by hand too, as I find I can hide my hand-stitches better than machine stitches. Ideally, you want your 5-inch section to blend in with the rest of the pillow.

Once your 5-inch gap is sewn closed, all you have to do is hand-stitch your remaining 3 tassels. Working one tassel at a time, slide the tassel’s loop into the ½ inch gap in each corner of the pillow. Sew each little gap closed with the tassel loop inside. This will keep your tassels in place and keep your stuffing from leaking out the corners.

Tip: if you’re having trouble shoving your tassel loops into the pillow (after all, a ½ inch gap is pretty small), try using the round handle end of a seam ripper to guide the loop through the hole. The eraser end of a pencil or a bobby pin would work too… anything that helps you force the loop of your tassel through that little ½ inch gap.

Once all 3 of your remaining tassels are stitched in place and the corners of your pillow are all sewn closed, your throw pillow is complete!