Investing in a sewing machine is closely similar to purchasing a car. In most instances, it takes a while for someone to learn the ropes. As is the case with a car, a sewing machine revolves around your expectations of it. One of the most essential considerations that go hand in hand is value and price.

The Janome 5812 machine (Amazon) is a great example that will give you the best value for your money. Moreover, it’s an ideal way for novices to learn the craft of sewing.

If you decide that sewing is something you’re passionate about, you have free rein to upgrade to more complex machines. Until then, in this comprehensive Janome sewing machine review, we’ll explore the features that set this Janome sewing machine apart from the pack.

Janome 5812 Review: Key Features

Let’s explore the unique qualities of this sewing machine that make it the go-to option for a myriad of people.

Twelve Built-In Stitches

The array of stitches that this Janome machine avails at your disposal makes it worth having. It’s the perfect machine for anyone learning to sew who is on the quest for a simple machine with unmatched versatility.

With 12 built-in stitches coupled with 4 buttonholes, the possibilities are endless in the world of creative design. While there are sewing machines that provide twice this number of stitches, it’s worth noting that they are significantly more complex to operate, giving the Janome 5812 a competitive advantage.

janome 5812 sewing machine built in stitches

Nonetheless, for a machine that was designed with novices in mind, this stitch selection here is sufficient for beginner sewing projects. When they hone their sewing skills and outgrow this unit, they can always upgrade to a complex counterpart with other stitch options.

Top-Loading Bobbin

In addition to a comparatively easy setup, the Janome 5812 has a top-loading bobbin design that ushers in numerous perks.

For instance, how much string is left, becomes the least of your concerns because the machine monitors the remaining quantity of string you have. When you’re running low, you can conveniently load up on more string, as you deem necessary.

Secondly, this top-loading design is quieter, giving you and those around you much-needed peace. Thirdly, top-loading bobbins function more smoothly and are less susceptible to getting jammed.

Given that a removable bobbin calls for increased expertise and can quickly snuff out a novice’s interest in sewing, we recommend choosing machines with a top-loading bobbin, for a start.

Powerful Motor

A strong selling point of the Janome 5812 is its powerful motor. When combined with a vast assortment of stitches, the motor becomes a beast in the sewing world. After all, there’s no limit to the amount of fabric you use.

Denim and other heavy fabrics are no match for this impressive motor as it grants you free rein to craft as many creations as you wish. Along with being powerful, the motor is remarkably quick, making it convenient to work with.

Free Arm

Novices may not truly grasp the value of the free arm, even though it’s one of the essential features of all sewing machines. It allows you to comfortably sew buttons on shirts and blouses. If a unit lacks the free arm feature, sewing buttons onto clothing would become an uphill battle that requires a heightened level of expertise.

For a novice, the lack of this feature should be a deal-breaker. The fact that Janome incorporated it for added convenience at an attractive price point is impressive. With the free arm, your level of creativity soars.


janome 5812 sewing machine dials

The Janome 5812 sewing machine is one of the most convenient investments a novice can make. With the array of features included, working with this machine becomes a walk in the park, for instance, the high presser foot lifter. It allows you to conveniently handle the toughest fabrics without any strain.

Moreover, the unit is impressively lightweight which makes carting it a breeze. Secondly, for ease of use, the stitch-width selection with two ergonomically-positioned dials makes it easier to work with a vast assortment of fabrics.


Here’s a list of accessories that the Janome 5812 sewing machine comes with:

  • User manual
  • Bobbins
  • Foot control
  • Sliding buttonhole foot
  • Screwdriver
  • Seam ripper
  • Needles

Janome 5812 Review: The Pros

  • The elevation of the presser foot lifter undoubtedly makes working with the toughest fabrics, a walk in the park
  • The multipurpose functions of this sewing machine do wonders when it comes to performance
  • The unit has a built-in drop-in bobbin coupled with a thread cutter for improved sewing efficiency
  • Backed by a long-term warranty that gives users much-needed peace of mind
  • Lightweight and compact that makes it a breeze to transport the Janome 5812 from one spot to another and store it when it’s not in use
  • It makes remarkable buttonholes and stitches
  • Constructed with beginners in mind, it’s no surprise that this sewing machine comes with straightforward functions
  • Designed with affordability to accommodate people on a tight budget, this is regarded as falling in the lowest price range of the Janome brand, without compromising on quality like other cheap sewing machines
  • An easy-to-use machine that is the epitome of simplicity, making it a great fit for beginners
  • A powerful built-in motor that works smoothly on nearly all types of fabric
  • Constructed from top-quality materials that are resistant to premature wear and tear
janome 5812 sewing machine needle close up

Janome 5812 Review: Cons

  • Dim lighting over the sewing patch delivers poor visibility
  • Doesn’t come with an automatic needle threader

Janome 5812 Review: The Verdict

As a mega-giant from Janome, the 5812 model is a superior sewing machine that works like a charm on all types and textures of fabric. Available at an affordable cost, the features of this unit prove that the manufacturer genuinely cares about its customer base and is committed to helping them hone their craft.

Although Janome 5812 has a couple of flaws as is the case with other machines, there’s no denying that the pros certainly outweigh the cons. All in all, this sewing machine is a great entry point for novices that are interested in learning this art right from the comfort of their homes. Order yours today, and your future self will thank you!