The computerized Janome DC1050 can handle nearly any sewing task. It can be navigated quickly with the help of a back-lit LCD screen. Choosing stitches is simple. Users can customize the required length and width.

There are many convenient features. The machine makes sewing fun and easy. It has an easy reverse, LCD screen, memorized needle, and speed control slider. The machine is user-friendly and easy to set up.

Beginners who wish to feel confident about sewing should consider the Janome DC1050. Beginners and professionals appreciate the hi-tech features of the machine. Its features and design attract many people. The machine handles a wide variety of fabrics with ease. It is a lightweight and quiet machine.

Janome DC1050 – Overview

  • Three one-step buttonholes
  • Seven-piece feed dog
  • 50 stitches
  • Locking stitch button
  • Needle up/down button

Key Features

The fully computerized design of the Janome DC1050 model brings benefits and standout features to the table. It has a backlit LCD screen that is easy to use. The quick-selection buttons control the locking stitch, reverse, and start/stop.

Most of the calculations and hard work are done for the users, which allows them to focus on the creative aspects of their projects.

The Janome DC1050 has a collection of 50 built-in stitches. There is a convenient stitch reference guide located on the front of the machine. It offers a wide selection of utility and construction stitches.

This model comes with four extra slide-on feet. They include an automatic buttonhole, zigzag, zipper, and satin feet. Most other snap-on Janome feet can also be used interchangeably. Presser feet from another Janome model fit the machine.

A top-loading, jam-proof full rotary bobbin system makes inserting the bobbins surprisingly easy. Drop it from the top and keep track of the amount of thread on the bobbin. There is an auto-declutch bobbin winder.

There are many handy accessories and tools. Along with the presser feet, the machine comes with an instruction manual, spool stand, spool pin, additional spool holders (large and small), foot controller, screwdriver key, lint brush, seam ripper, soft protective cover, and an assorted needle set.

A host of other features include 15 needle positions, a 25-year limited warranty, adjustable stitch width and length, extra-high presser foot lift, free arm feature, manual tension control, one-hand needle threader, seven-piece dog feed, and three one-step buttonholes.

The factory warranty is for 25 years on the internal metal cast, two years on the electrical components, and one year on parts and labor. This machine is relatively lightweight. It weighs 12 pounds.

Pros and Cons


The Janome DC1050 is a sturdy, well-built sewing machine. Its computerized feature automatically adjusts length and width for an optimal sewing experience. The user can also change the length and width of stitches.

It has 50 built-in stitches. The display panel projects a recommended foot for each stitch. A speed control slider controls the speed. There is a bright LCD screen that provides light for making adjustments with the easy push-button controls.

The machine has an up/down feature. It has a button for lock stitches and a button for reverse stitches. A start/stop button eliminates the need for a foot pedal. The top-loading drop-in bobbin has a transparent cover that allows keeping an eye on the thread supply.

There are markings on the needle plate for all seam allowances. It has a free arm capability and extra-high presser foot lifter for use with thick layers of fabric. The machine has an automatic needle threader and built-in thread cutter.

A manual with detailed, easy to read instructions make setting up the Janome DC1050 quite simple. The machine is among the quietest on the market. It delivers straight stitches without touching the fabric. The machine navigates up and over thick seams.

Automatic buttonholes are the ideal size for buttons. The machine can do overcast stitches. It is incredibly user-friendly.


The work light LEDs that are provided are adequate but could be a bit brighter. Dim lighting is a common complaint among sewing machines. The situation is remedied with a separate external light that illuminates the sewing area.

It requires extra care when doing zigzag stitches to prevent the thread from bunching. The stitches appear to be uneven. A workaround solution is to use thread that is an exact match to the color of the fabric. The uneven stitches are not as noticeable. It is a downside worth mentioning.

There are thick fabrics that are not easy to maneuver with this machine. Sometimes it jams or skips stitches. Not all threads work well in the machine.

The speed of the DC1050 is not as fast as other Janome models. If a sewer uses the foot pedal, the start/stop button cannot be used, which throws some users off.

The machine is twin needle capable but does not come with twin needles. Although more presser feet can be purchased, the machine comes with only for presser feet.

The machine is in the pricey range. It is not exactly budget-friendly. For a machine at this price point, a darning foot, walking foot, and an extendable table would be excellent.

User Feedback

The straightforward design and lightweight of the machine work together to make projects fun and easy to tackle. A feature users don’t pay a lot of attention to is the LCD screen placement. It is a subtle and surprisingly convenient feature they become aware of when they try the machine for the first time.

Placed in the center, it makes keeping track of things easy. Eyes don’t roam around the machine. Everything is where it is needed to be, including the locking stitch, reverse, and start/stop button. The speed control slider and start/stop button are an excellent combination that is a lifesaver when working in tight spaces.

Those who dabble in monogramming or want something extra decorative find the mix of construction and utility stitches, applique, and satin stitches useful. They get a few heirloom stitches from which to choose also. There are three choices of one-step buttonhole stitches.

This machine has a bit of everything. It is a favorite of experienced and beginner users. The machine allows them to focus on creative aspects without worrying about adjustments. The biggest complaint from multiple consumers is the zigzag stitches.

Users describe the cost of the sewing machine is both pricey and a steal. Those who feel it is a bit expensive may need to be reminded it is a computerized sewing machine with loads of useful features that make sewing projects easy, fun, and professional-looking. Even though the machine costs more than some models, many users feel they are getting their money’s worth.

Many buyers across the web are satisfied with their Janome DC1050. Sewers love the ease of use and power. Another minor complaint is the light being a bit dim. An attached snake LED light addresses the issue.

The machine is excellent for a variety of projects, including quilting. More than one user commented about the smooth working of the machine. It sails straight through the material without hesitation. Those who move from a basic sewing machine to the Janome DC1050 love how simple it is to complete projects with the controls.

Most users don’t use the foot pedal. They set the speed and begin and stop sewing with the buttons. Beginners have no problem figuring out threading, controls, and general operation. This machine rated an average of 4.6 stars out of five.


The computerized Janome DC1050 sewing machine has handles that can be used for any sewing task. An LCD screen makes choosing stitches easy. The length and width of stitches can be customized. It has many other convenient features. Its 50 built-in stitches include decorative and embroidery stitches.

If you want a sewing machine that will last, the Janome DC1050 is an excellent choice. It has solid basic features as well as computerized features that speed up the sewing time. The price may put beginners off, but advanced sewers see the machine as worth every penny. It is worth the investment.

No sewing machine is ideal for all users. The DC1050 comes close. It is versatile, reliable, and sturdy. It provides professional results, even for those with beginner level skills. There is no need to use the foot pedal. Users press a button. It is fast and easy to use, even for first-timers.

The machine’s user-friendly interface offers a wide range of options. It is powerful and precise in its sewing performance. The machine has been a favorite of many since its introduction. It is excellent for those who sew different stitching projects and quilters.

The high stitch quality provides control over the fabric. The machine sews perfectly if the user lets go of the material. Beginners enjoy how easy the DC1050 is to control. A stop/start button makes a world of difference. Using the machine is simple.

It is quiet, which adds to the enjoyment of using the machine. Issues reported by users are a dim work light and problems with the zigzag stitch. The information above suggests ways to compensate for the problems.