The Memory Craft 6300P Sewing Machine is an excellent choice for the seasoned seamstress or quilter. It may be pricey, but it can handle multiple layers of thick fabrics while still being efficient. This machine is also reliable, and you can count on it lasting through years of heavy use.

When you purchase the Janome Memory Craft 6300P Sewing Machine, you will get an excellent accessory package with tons of extras. Just unboxing it is a dream. Once you get it on and sewing, you will never look back. Now, let’s take an in-depth look so you can decide if this is the right machine for you.

Janome is a well-known brand amongst seamstresses and quilters. Their machines tend to be high-quality and heavy-duty workhorses that last for years. Janome is so confident in their products that they have a 25-year mechanical parts warranty on their products.

Quilters and seamstresses had a need that Janome was not yet meeting. We wanted a machine that could offer all of the power and speed of a heavy-duty machine without all the frills that make some comparable machines too expensive. That is how the Memory Craft 6300P Sewing Machine was born.

Key Features

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the key features of the Memory Craft 6300P Sewing Machine. Keep in mind, this is not a comprehensive list. We don’t want to bore you. However, we are including all of the important and most exciting details.

63 Built-in stitches – There are stitches for everything. You get your basic straight stitches, along with a great selection of knit stitches, quilting stitches, monograms, and more.

4 automatic buttonhole stitches – You will never need to figure out how to include those buttonholes again! The automatic buttonhole stitches are all adjustable and easy to use.

Recall memory bank – This will allow you to easily come back to projects or keep your most common stitches readily available without the need to reprogram your machine over and over again.

71 needle-drop positions – Start your stitches off right where you want them with ease simply by positioning the needle right where it is needed.

Excellent superior feed system – A 7-piece feed dog system allows you to have amazing control of your project.

Stitch editing – Adjust your stitches to match your preferences quickly and easily right from the LCD display.

A top of the line hook system – A bad hook system will stop you dead in your tracks. You will never have this issue with the jam-proof, magnetic, top-loading, full rotary hook system in this machine.

Independent bobbin-winding motor – You will always have your bobbins loaded and ready to go without having to continuously stop and adjust your machine.

Backlit screen – Easily see everything you need to see with the backlit LCD display.

Front-access feed dog system – Provides superior control and easier access to the feed dogs.

Automatic thread cutter with memory capability – Don’t worry about finding those snips. This machine has a thread cutter built right in.

Knee lift and drop feed control – You can greatly reduce the time it takes you to complete a project while minimizing mistakes with a great knee lift and drop feed control.

Large sewing area – There is plenty of sewing area on this machine, which allows you to handle bulkier projects with more control.

There are so many features that come together seamlessly (sorry, a little seamstress humor) to give you an amazing experience. There is no way we could truly cover them all. Let’s continue on to take a look at another awesome feature; the accessory package.

Included Accessories

Janome has included a huge accessory package with this machine, so let’s go ahead and dive right in. To make it simpler, we have separated the accessories into 2 categories: presser feet and additional accessories.

Presser Feet:

Zig-Zag Foot A
Even Feed Foot and Coordinating Quilting Bar
Rolled Hem Foot
Overedge Foot C
Satin Stitch Foot F
Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot F-2
Zipper Foot E
Blind Hem Foot G
Cording Foot H
Basting/Darning Foot P
¼” Seam Foot O
Overcasting Foot M
Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
Quilting Bar
Additional Accessories:
2 Screwdrivers
2 spool holders
Knee lifter
Seam ripper
Cloth guide with screw
1 set of needles
Extra-large extension table
Foot control
Power cord
Lint brush
Accessory box
Instruction manual

As you can see, Janome really comes through when it comes to the accessories for the Memory Craft 6300P Sewing Machine.

Pros and Cons

The Memory Craft 6300P from Janome is a great choice, but nothing can be perfect. Although we love this machine, for the most part, there are a few drawbacks.

Let’s take a look at the primary pros and cons so you can decide if this is the sewing machine to meet your needs.


There are plenty of built-in stitches giving you the versatility you need to do many types of projects.

A wide range of accessories is included.

The specialized knee lift gives you precise control over your presser foot, which allows you to focus your hands and eyes on the project.

You can control the pressure of the presser foot. That ensures it is set properly based on fabric weight so you get even stitches every time.

The LCD screen display and coordinating controls will allow you to easily see and adjust the settings on your machine.

A large sewing area can make it much easier to sew larger projects and control heavier fabrics.

This machine has an excellent memory bank that is easy to use.

The automatic thread cutter is a small feature that has a big impact on how long your project can take. It also helps you avoid having to go back and snip off a bunch of ends after.

Having a separate motor for the bobbin winder is a great addition that adds convenience. It is another feature that helps you get your projects done faster.


This machine is very heavy. You will not be bringing it along to sewing clubs and meets.

The cost is a bit higher than many other sewing machines, although it is fair for a Janome.

We do prefer a machine with a free arm. The lack of it really shows when you need to hem something, or when you are making clothes. Getting bands on a shirt can really suck when you don’t have a free arm to wrap around.

The extension table, although very large and helpful, is not flush with the machine. It can be difficult to work as smoothly when you are working with an uneven workspace.
Primary Uses
The Janome Memory Craft 6300P Sewing Machine was made for quilting. It has plenty of throat space, several blanket stitches, and the ability to sew through several thick layers at once. However, that is not all it can do.

You can easily use the Memory Craft 6300P machine to sew dresses and clothes, although we did previously talk about a lack of a free arm that can make sleeves and pant legs a little harder.

Drapes and other home-furnishings are also done easily. In essence, you can sew anything with this machine.

How it Compares

The Janome Memory Craft 6300P Sewing Machine is a great machine for the seamstress who has some experience and knows their way around a machine. It is not as easy to use as, let’s say, a Brother CS6000i, but it is more advanced.

The Brother is easier to use, way more affordable, and better for beginners. You are, however, losing a ton of the power and additional features you get with the Janome. If you sew professionally, you will definitely prefer the Janome.

Meanwhile, if you want even more freedom, you may prefer the Juki HZL-DX7. The Juki has more stitches, alphabet fonts, and huge sewing space. When compared to the Janome, it is more advanced but it is also much more expensive. You may not even need all the extra features.

User Feedback

Most of the feedback given is positive. Everyone raves about the speed, power, and versatility. There are a few complaints about the locking stitch. Some users want to be able to backstitch without the locking part. In general, this machine is given 5 stars for being the right balance of feature-rich and affordable.

Some beginners seem to have trouble working some of the more advanced features, but that is quickly remedied with a few tutorials and videos.


We love the space, versatility, power, and overall experience of this sewing machine. When all is said and done, the Janome Memory Craft 6300P Sewing Machine is an excellent choice for anyone who sews professionally or as a hobby. It has all of the bells and whistles without the stuff you would never use.

It is a powerful machine in the mid-price range that comes with some great features. The accessory package is also extensive and will leave you feeling like the price is well worth it. You will not regret giving this machine a shot. Try it out today!