Sewing doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. With a simple machine designed with beginners in mind, you can get your creative juices flowing right away with overly complex functions being the least of your worries.

In our comprehensive Janome Mod 19 review, you’ll understand why this Janome sewing machine is an ideal option for anyone who wants to try decorating, sewing, and mending clothes from scratch right from the comfort of their home.

Therefore, finding the ideal sewing machine that best fits your desires is make-or-break. Luckily, you don’t have to resign yourself to this fate, as you’ve come to the right place.

We only recommend solid models that will give you the best bang for your bang, so stick around as we delve into this Janome sewing machine review, exploring what the Janome Mod 19 (Amazon) has in store for you.

Who Is This Sewing Machine Intended For?

Janome Mod 19 was built for:

Fathers or mothers that need to conveniently repair and sew items on the fly without fighting the unit just to get started Students who require immense functionality to the unit without it being overly complicated Children that want to dip their foot in the sewing project world.

Janome Mod 19 Review: The Key Features

Let’s explore the main features of this sewing machine that set it apart from the pack.

19 Preset Stitches

janome mod 19 sewing machine preset stitches

When you factor in that a wealth of these options around this vary in price and functionality, only availing about 19 preset stitches, it’s evident that Janome Mod 19 outshines its rivals. As a result, you can expect more decorative and practical stitches, coupled with a four-step buttonhole.

Built-in Needle For Threading

Let’s face it. Passing a thin piece of thread through the needle is one of the most excruciating processes. Luckily for you, the Janome Mod 19 is loaded up with a built-in needle for threading to ensure you’re loaded up and ready to sew away in a jiffy.

janome mod 19 sewing machine needle close up

Adjustable Stitches

This machine offers a ton in terms of stitch selection! It’s great to have so many stitch options with great stitch quality, especially if you’re a fan of decorative stitches. You can adjust the width and length of your stitches for an entirely custom look with the stitch button, depending on your desires.

Five-Piece Feed Dog and Top-Loading Bobbin

janome mod 19, 5 piece feed dog system

To simplify things when getting started, a top-loading bobbin system and auto declutch bobbin winder, which makes it a breeze to get your project running. Coupled with a five-piece feed dog for increased stability and efficiency in your stitch, you’re unstoppable.

25-Year Limited Warranty

Nothing beats a protected investment. Even factoring in the affordability of the Janome Mod 19, there’s no denying that a 25-year limited warranty safeguards it against a wealth of possible issues and provides a way to protect your investment for the next quarter of a century.

Adjustable Stitch Width and Length

janome mod 19 machine adjustable stitches

The dials that sit right at the front of the Mod 19 allow you to effortlessly modify the width and length of your stitches. Depending on what you’re making, you may gravitate more towards thicker, shorter, skinnier, or longer stitches.

Free Arm

removable free arm

With a detachable storage compartment, this sewing machine gives you a free arm to work with. As a result, if you’re working on the hem of the shirt sleeve, sliding the garment directly onto the arm is a breeze, bettering the entire process. Additionally, sewing the cuffs of a closed shirt becomes the least of your concerns when you accidentally pass the entire sleeve through the machine.

Drop Feed

You have free rein to drop the feed dog to the Janome Mod 19, making it suitable for free-motion quilting and sewing. Simply flick the lever and you’re good to go. Moreover, the drop feed feature comes in handy when you’re sewing a buttonhole.

Reverse Lever

The unit comes with a lever, allowing you to use a reverse stitch which works perfectly for locking stitches to ensure your hard work doesn’t come undone.

LED Lighting

The Mod 19 has built-in LED lighting which means the days of sewing in poor lighting or rearranging your sewing room lamps for better visibility are now a thing of the past.

Pros of Janome Mod 19


With 19 preset stitches, this machine has the uncanny ability to handle large quilting projects and small sewing tasks. The adjustable stitch length and width gives you a larger playing ground depending on what you’re making.


True to its name, operating the Janome Mod 19 is a breeze. With one needle threader and drop-in bobbin, your job is a million times easier. The drop-in bobbin allows you to monitor exactly what you’re doing as you insert it. Furthermore, it’s easily accessible if any problems crop up.

janome mod 19 drop feed

Perfect For Learning

Due to the user-friendly features of this sewing machine, it’s ideal for novices. Courtesy of its straightforward settings, versatility, and classic design, the Mod 19 wraps up your search if you’re on the quest for a unit to grow with and learn on.

Durable and Compact

The entirely metal exterior of this sewing machine is designed to last, even with aggressive handling and heavy jobs. It’s also compact enough to easily fit in small spaces, and tuck away when it’s not in use.


A multitude of users is impressed by this machine’s quietness. You won’t have a noisy workspace to keep you and the members of your household irritated. If you prefer sewing late at night or early in the morning, then Mod 19 was built with you in mind.

Cons of Janome Mod 19

Plastic Presser Foot

Although it scores points for durability courtesy of its metal exterior, the Janome Mod 19 has a plastic presser foot that is susceptible to breaking. On most machines, it’s designed from metal, making it less long-lasting compared to its rivals.

Not Suitable For Heavyweight Fabric

A coterie of people also noticed that Janome Mod 19 wasn’t enough to handle thicker fabrics. Therefore, if you typically sew thick fabric such as wool and heavy denim, consider a more industrial counterpart that’s up to the task.

Janome Mod 19 Review: The Verdict

With everything being said, this is a powerful machine that is worth your consideration. Granted, it may have a few features that are better suited for beginners. However, it’s reliable and powerful enough to be an excellent option for even the most skilled hands. Lastly, you can’t argue with the price point as the Mod 19 provides affordability and quality rolled into one, so get yours today!