Let’s face it. To practice sewing, one of the most popular crafts, having top-notch equipment is crucial. It allows you to work seamlessly in comfortable conditions that usher in successful outcomes.

Choosing a sewing machine that will best meet your needs and expectations is make-or-break. Therefore, it’s important to take the time and patience to conduct your due diligence before hastily buying the first option that tickles your fancy.

Luckily, we’ve done all the heavy lifting by recommending an excellent product that will give you the best bang for your buck, so here’s a comprehensive Singer 3221 (Amazon) review. Read on!

Singer 3221 Review: Key Features

Here’s a breakdown of the main aspects of this singer sewing machine.


The simple sewing machine is coated in white and blue, as the main colors, forming an eye-catching pattern. Furthermore, it’s constructed with two main materials. Firstly, high-quality plastic that is sturdy and thick, guaranteeing durability in the long run. Secondly, it’s made of metal that is impressively satisfactory because it’s solid, rust-resistant, and remains functional for years on end. As a result, few models match up to the Singer 3221.

Automatic Threading

The machine has been constructed by the manufacturer with an automatic needle threader, saving you the time and hassle of doing it manually. The automatic threading feature adds a layer of convenience and simplicity to the process given that the thread tension settings are set for common use, by default. This makes the Singer 3221 great for both a beginner sewer or an expert, perfect for those looking to complete common sewing tasks.

One-step Buttonhole

singer 3221 sewing machine needle close up

The Singer 3221 has an automatic 1 step buttonhole, meaning it will automatically create the ideal-sized buttonhole in one step. As such, the machine is steps ahead of its rivals that generate buttonholes in four steps.

Stitch Length

You can easily alter it using the stitch length dial, giving you tons of stitch application options. Stitch selection is done by adjusting the dial with 5mm being the maximum stitch width that you can set on this unit.

Powerful Motor

For the price point, it’s no surprise that Singer 3221 comes with a powerful motor with the uncanny ability to deliver a speed of 750 SPM (stitches per minute). Moreover, the impressively high presser foot lifter paves the way for increased clearance when using thick fabric or bulky fabric.

Singer 3221 Accessories

When this unit is delivered to you, it comes with an accessory kit containing the following items:

  • Buttonhole foot
  • Seam brush or ripper
  • Bottle of oil for more flexible machine operation
  • Multi-purpose foot
  • Screwdriver
  • Sewing guide
  • Claw plate for darning buttons and sewing
  • Three cans
  • Needle case
  • Bobbin clamp
  • Button sewing foot

With these accessories that the manufacturer provides, you can use the Singer 3221 in the most ideal conditions. It gets your creative juices flowing in the realization of your work.

Singer 3221 Review: Pros

Robust and Stable

Courtesy of its top-notch design and metal frame, this sewing machine is remarkably robust even with regular and intensive use. The Singer 3221 provides impressive stability when it’s in use which means it won’t suffer mobility as you sew away. It’ll remain stationary, allowing you to work with utmost efficiency under optimal conditions.

Two-year Warranty

The machine has impressive resistance to premature wear and tear while irreproachable reliability, making it a worthwhile investment. For validation of this, the manufacturer has backed the Singer 3221 with a 2-year guarantee, during which you can give it a try and send it back if it proves to be defective. Furthermore, the warranty will permit you to certify the unmatched quality of this unit on the material you use it.


The Singer 3221 comes with 21 modifiable programs that ensure you sew under the most ideal conditions and can successfully execute all the fun projects on your to-do list. These programs range from 9 decorative stitches, 1 auto-stroke buttonhole, and 6 fundamental stitches to 5 stretch stitches. With this amount of versatility, decorative sewing and fashion sewing are a breeze!

Space-efficient and Lightweight

With this sewing machine, the days of looking for a stable location coupled with heavy weighting are long gone. Weighing only 5.7kg, moving this unit from one corner to another is a walk in the park. You can also conveniently tuck it away without worrying about it occupying too much space as it measures 38.5cm by 19cm by 29cm.

User-friendly and Practical

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned sewer or novice, you’ll be blown away by the features of the Singer 3221 due to its user-friendliness and practicality. The manufacturer intentionally left out a boatload of control buttons to avoid confusion from setting in when the machine is in use.

Excellent Lighting

The Singer 3221 has top-notch lighting situated on the left side. However, you’ll need to take out the screw to see it. As a result of this lighting, you can be meticulous and ultra-precise when completing any sewing project. It ushers in the likelihood of sewing in poorly lit areas. You’ll notice that the extraordinary detail makes all the difference.

Singer 3221 Review: Cons

No Drop-in Bobbin System

Although the machine comes with the most novice-friendly features, it lacks a drop-in bobbin system. Instead, it has a side-loading option which means you’ll have to take out the storage compartment each time you require changing the bobbin. For beginners, this is a major inconvenience.

Difficult To Regulate The Sewing Speed

The feedback from the foot pedal isn’t the best, which makes controlling the sewing speed an uphill battle. Consequently, this triggers issues revolving around tension and thread breaking.

The Verdict

If you want to try out sewing for the first time, then the Singer 3221 is a great place to start. Designed to last, this machine features most of the important functionalities that any sewer may want for their daily needs. With a solid accessory kit in tow, all you need is some threads and fabrics, and you’re ready to get in on the action, so buy yours today!