The Singer Talent 3321 is a great machine for the beginner on a budget. It has the most common stitches and allows you to make clean-cut buttonholes.

The included accessories allow you to get started without much hassle. Singer is a well-known brand that offers a lot of support for its customers so even if you do run into issues you will be covered

If finding an affordable machine that will help you start learning to sew is your goal the Singer Talent 3321 is the machine for you.

Key Features

  • There are 21 built-in stitches
  • Adjustable stitch length and width
  • Easy to use manual controls
  • The frame is made of heavy-duty metal
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Removeable storage compartment located on the free arm that holds bobbins and tools
  • Easy buttonhole settings

As you can see, the Singer Talent 3321 has all of the features you would expect from any sewing machine. Let’s check out some pros and cons so you can get a good look at the bigger picture.


The 21 built-in stitches include all of the most common stitches that are used today. You will be able to sew knits, wovens, and more.

Having manual controls gives you a higher level of control.

Buttonholes are super easy to do with this machine making clothes and bags super easy.

There are a bunch of included accessories. You get several foot options, the maintenance tools, needles, bobbins, a dust cover, and more.

This machine is very affordable. It costs less than most other sewing machines while still giving you a good start.

The metal body makes the machine super durable. Many machines today have plastic bodies that are very easy to scratch or break.

The free arm is excellent for doing cuffs, legs, and bags. Anything that requires you to work in a circle is easy to do on this machine.

It is easy to get the hang of once you get going, and it is super affordable.


There is no computer or programming to this at all. Beginners usually don’t mind because they will be using basic features to get started with anyway, but professionals and those who sew often may find it off-putting and time-consuming to have to adjust everything manually.

There aren’t a ton of presser feet included and you may need to purchase more. The same can be said for bobbins. Basically, you will not get a very large accessory package with this machine.

There is no extension table included so you will have to either get one separately or work without one.

It gets louder than some of the higher-quality machines which can get annoying pretty quickly.

User Feedback

Many users reported that the timing and tension are off a lot of the time. It can take a lot of adjustment to get the right rhythm. That can get very frustrating, and it can cause some beginners to just give up.

The users who love this machine say that it can sew most things, but that when given too many layers or anything with heft it gets louder and whines a lot. It can also lead to broken needles and fabric getting stuck, although that doesn’t happen often with the thicker fabrics.

The user manual is decent and Singer has a lot of support so even the people who have issues can usually get some help troubleshooting without any issues.

Most people agree that it is totally worth the price. Most beginners upgrade eventually, but both beginners and pros agree that it is a great backup machine so they still hold on to it.

There may not be many included accessories, but the ones that are included are the ones you will most likely need. Users say they very rarely ran into a situation in which they could not complete a project due to missing accessories.


The Singer Talent 3321 is a decent machine for a decent price. It comes with all of the most important accessories and stitches. You can easily start sewing with it and continue on while learning all of the basics. It is super affordable and most people feel it is well worth the price based on how easy it is to use and how many projects it can tackle

This is clearly not the absolute best sewing machine you could ever get, but it is one of the best ones you can get at a comparable price point. The accessories alone have solid value. It can handle most projects with ease, and although you may want to upgrade at some point, this machine still serves as a great backup machine.